Wednesday, December 27, 2006

First time blogger

I decided I wanted a tell of all my endeavours...great and small. I have a husband of 28 years (this January), 4 children (his, mine and ours), all of which are out of the home.....and 2 have given us 6 grandchildren with another boy on the way. We now have 4 dogs in the house and 2 cats(my son's....he is in the Army and stationed in Germany) and several dogs outside......hmmm could be a dog ranch.

I love to spin, knit, crochet, tat, sew....just lots of things...I like to stay busy. Am spinning up some silk/merino blend ...and also some alpaca...on my drop spindles. I am really enjoying my spindles at the moment...even though I have 2 nice Ashford spinning wheels to spin on.

My husband is making free standing yarn winders.....and I hope to get him involved in other things to make also. I want to take these things to some nice fibery festivals in the near future.

I am new to this I will close for now... I did get a mini camcorder/digital I hope to have pics to post too. I will write more later.