Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Today is Bill's birthday!  Not much going on today...but will have his son and family here this weekend and next week...and we will have lots of birthdays to celebrate!  My SIL, DIL, and a granddaughter.  It has been a few years since they have been down for a visit..... so it is a great Treat!

I have been busy spinning on Ravelry for our Tour de Fleece:

This is the skein plied on the spindle that I spun and of course plied on, and this next pic is the yarn in a skein.

This is just one of many skeins I have spun.

I have also been bit by the slipper bug and have been crocheting up these cute slippers:

My grandsons ( 3 and 5) just got here.... Mom and Dad are off to school....they are spending the night.  So I will have to come back another day........

Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy New Year!


Well, it has been almost a year since I last posted. I almost feel like getting a brand new blog ... but this is just like a new one ..... So I hope to post more often again!!!

Here is a picture of my first tatted stitch markers:

I have also been making butterflys, flowers, and turtle stitch markers.

I will see if I can get pics added and be back later.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

So ready for SPRING

I know snow is very pretty........ I have pics from my front yard here. This was the last major snow storm.

My dogs loved it......running and playing in it. My grandkids liked it. The cardinals, bluejays and other birds all were very pretty feeding on the birdseed. This is a pic off my front can see one of the bird feeders...but the birds were pics please.

I do not drive in this stuff especially when there is almost an inch of ice underneath it. My husband does not like to drive the 45 miles to his work and back in it....especially since our nice car was totalled in the snow/blizzard on Christmas Eve.....but at least we were not hurt.....a little "gun shy" though.
When husband is home I do not get much done around the house either. I did get some tatted stitch markers done and some tatted earrings....knitted some cute dishcloths....and crocheted some cute hearts for Valentine's Day. That was good.

I want to plant my garden! So even though the snow is very pretty....I am so READY for SPRING!!!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Happy New year everyone!!!!
I hope this year will be a good one for all of us....I know I am ready for a good year.
Hopefully, I will be better about posting.
I have been busy tatting stitch markers, earrings, knitting dishclothes, coin purses, and crocheting chap stick holders.

The first swap I am involved with this year is with my Pincushion group on Ravelry. Its such a fun group! We are doing a dish towel, coaster major swap...and a small informal swap...of mug cosies, tea bag wallets...etc...

My partner sent me a lovely package very quickly:

The package I sent to my partner is the picture at the top.....her favorite colors are navy and pink.
This was the informal swap...I am still working on the major swap.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's just a start.....and it is going to be fun!

The top picture is of my first piece of is a isn't perfect...but it is my first piece of bobbin lace.

This next picture is of my bobbin lace pillow, pincushion, cover cloths, bobbin holder and bobbins and the carrying case for all of it. I just love this butterfly material. The tradional way to cover the pillows is with solid blue or green fabric....but my pillow has a hint of butterflies on the bluish material...and I think I will enjoy it better.

I have been busy with some sewing I needed to do...but hope this coming weekend will allow me to get back to working on the bobbin lace. I will be making a bookmark next. It is fun....but a challenge for me. I have also been doing more tatting...and right now I am "stuck" on tatting butterflies on paperclips.

I really like butterfies and have tatted 150 so far.....I was tatting some when I found the butterfly fabric for my bobbin lace pillow and bag and all......

I am still knitting on my shawl, and the February Lady Sweater for my DD, and the socks for DH....hopefully I can have pics of those the next time.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

March is a good month for crafting and sewing!

I have been busy this month...and last month! I am making lots of pincushions.....having fun sewing them too. I have some for sale at LYS....

Here is one of the pics of pincushions.....I took to SWAK.

I participated in another wonderful pincushion swap from of my partners loves to I made her a Boat Shuttle pincushion.

This is the pic of the pincushion sitting in front of a real boat shuttle sitting on top of a warped loom.

The top pic is part of what I recieved from my other partner in the swap. I can't get this pic where I want will just tell about it here....LOL
I recieved 2 very nice quilted you can see the heart shaped one has my initial monogrammed on it. This pic does not do them justice......but they are gorgeous.

I have also been doing some knitting.....I have 3 major projects going ......

1. Lady February Sweater for my daughter
2. A pair of socks for DH ( my first pair to knit for him)
3. A really nice rectangle shawl with a collar for me.

I am also learning Bobbin Lace....I finally joined my local Lace Guild. I have my pillow that I covered...and bag to carry it in....some bobbins.....but need some more....I bought some to "spangle"...that is putting beads on the bottom of the bobbin so the bobbins stay in place better.....I'll have to get pics..... I am thinking I may want to get some square bobbins next......

I will try to have some pics of these the next time!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This is the cutest pin cushion that I recieved in the Holiday Pincushion Swap on Ravelry. My partner f1fan...said this was her first pincushion....she did a GREAT job. She also sent me some very nice kid mohair yarn, a cotton/merino yarn....and other goodies. It was funny we both felted a sweater to make each other a pincushion. I made her a pincushion that looks like a fairisle sweater. She loves sweaters and fall colors...and I just happened to find a sweater that fit...washed and threw in the dryer (to felt) and made her a sweater pin cushion. I can't seem to find a picture but my name is Zellspin on Ravelry and you can see pic of it on my flicker account.

I have been busy working on Christmas gifts...tatting ornaments....the usual.... I think I am doing pretty good. I am looking forward to Christmas parties this Sunday. One with the Lace Guild and one with the Knitting guild....I just love getting together with friends and celebrating.

OK guess I will get back to work.