Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Lots of Stuff

Here it is getting closer to Christmas and I am busy working on gifts......but I did get one of my families gifts off to them last Friday and they opened them yesterday and loved everything. I sent it early 'cause my son is home from Afghanistan... so they had their Christmas early. The girls loved their rag dolls and extra clothes....when they went to change the dolls clothes they discovered I had wrote in a Heart... I love you Haleigh, Tori, and Lexi.

I am now working on my daughters family box to be shipped to Calif......hopefully before Christmas...usually I am so late with just works that way.

I have almost all of my Husbands family done......just a few more scarves and one hat. It is good I am on medical leave ...I am getting lots done.

I have not posted for ahile...I am bummed I can't get pictures o this site right now...but hopefully soon.....I have so much to show:my latest socks, I am working on MS3...on clue 4 now.....but still rag dolls,.... just all kinds of things.

I am getting ready for my spinning guild and knitting guild Christmas party too. Those are aways fun for me.

Well..... just a little post for now.....more later