Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Fair !!!

I have been busy since last year the fair ended...spinning up yarn to enter this year, and some knitting too. I pulled out a bably quilt to finish and will put that in too. I just love to enter things in the fair. This week is dedicated to finishing up on some of the entries. I have 21 in all. Mostly for the handspinning categories.

I am still working on my MS3 stole.....but put it aside this weekend and for this week...till I get all my entries ready to go.
I am still on clue 2 on both of them....yes I am doing 2 . I hope to get them done and post pics. Now I have to get my scanner working again. What I really need is a new computer and all.....but guess I will not be geting one of those.
Well...off to work on those entries~~~~~~~ Later!