Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Brand New Year!!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas....Holiday!!! Here's wishing all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I know I am hoping for a Happy New Year. Just too much not so great happenings since last year.......
I was visiting some of the blogs I read...and decided to join Jan's "Play it Forward exchange" sounds like a wonderful thing to start off the New Year with. Here is her blog so you can see what fun we will be having...

This "exchange" is based on the movie "Pay it Forward" where acts of deeds or kindness are done without expecting something in return....just passing it on with the hope that the recipients
will pass their acts of kindness on.
So... I will make a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment to this post on my blog...requesting to join this PIF exchange. I will send out my gifts within 6 months of your posting.

I did get most of my knitting gifts done...just a few more...but will not see these recipeints till sometime in January so I do have a little more time....LOL

All really liked their scarves, fingerless mitts, dolls, doll clothes.....etc.......

I finished my bright lime green socks...and I did kitchner one of the good friend Jo Ellyn, kitchnered one of them..... I had to look at pics online and go pic by pic and did get it done...YAY!!!!!

Still working on my scanner and printer so stay soon I hope.


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Lots of Stuff

Here it is getting closer to Christmas and I am busy working on gifts......but I did get one of my families gifts off to them last Friday and they opened them yesterday and loved everything. I sent it early 'cause my son is home from Afghanistan... so they had their Christmas early. The girls loved their rag dolls and extra clothes....when they went to change the dolls clothes they discovered I had wrote in a Heart... I love you Haleigh, Tori, and Lexi.

I am now working on my daughters family box to be shipped to Calif......hopefully before Christmas...usually I am so late with just works that way.

I have almost all of my Husbands family done......just a few more scarves and one hat. It is good I am on medical leave ...I am getting lots done.

I have not posted for ahile...I am bummed I can't get pictures o this site right now...but hopefully soon.....I have so much to show:my latest socks, I am working on MS3...on clue 4 now.....but still rag dolls,.... just all kinds of things.

I am getting ready for my spinning guild and knitting guild Christmas party too. Those are aways fun for me.

Well..... just a little post for now.....more later

Sunday, October 21, 2007

It's about time!!!

Yeah I know it has been awhile...again..... oh well I am now. Went to my knitting guild meeting today...had a new friend come too...she loved it! She said it felt like home...she just moved here from Fort Worth, Texas area.

I turned in quite a few preemie hats and 3 regular size baby hats. I really enjoy knitting for babies.

I was at our fiber festival last weekend, and bought a 14" triangle loom, among other things. Took it home and learned how to weave on it and made a preemie baby blanket. I think it turned out ok....just need to finish the baby bunting(line it) and then I will turn it in next month.

I have been away from the guild for a long time ...but have been back for the last 3 months and am really glad...I missed everyone. Getting new knitters every month too.

WEll...that is all for now....I really need to figure out how to get more pics on here... Have some from winning ribbons at the fair, this new blanket... ... I hopw I can get my scanner to working again!!!

Later all!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Fair !!!

I have been busy since last year the fair ended...spinning up yarn to enter this year, and some knitting too. I pulled out a bably quilt to finish and will put that in too. I just love to enter things in the fair. This week is dedicated to finishing up on some of the entries. I have 21 in all. Mostly for the handspinning categories.

I am still working on my MS3 stole.....but put it aside this weekend and for this week...till I get all my entries ready to go.
I am still on clue 2 on both of them....yes I am doing 2 . I hope to get them done and post pics. Now I have to get my scanner working again. What I really need is a new computer and all.....but guess I will not be geting one of those. to work on those entries~~~~~~~ Later!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

WOW!!! It has been along time.

WOw it has been a long time since I posted in here. I have been busy with physical therapy on my knee. That takes a lot of time 2 times a week and I get pretty tired. I just can't beleive it takes so much time and energy out of you.

I have 2 MS3 shawls started...hope to post pics soon. They are my first lace project. One s out of fingering yarn...(the smallest yarn I have knitted with yet) and the othe one is out of a very soft worsted weight ...maybe... yarn. These are doing pretty well. I have had some trouble with the purple smaller yarn one..... I have had to knit and take it out and re nit in sveral places....ha ha......I just can't believe I am having to do this so much....but I will get them done.

Well that is all for now. I have some pics I want to post so will be back in here soon.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm Back

I has been a loooonnnngggg time since I last posted. Lots going on. Had my knee surgery on May 1st.....all is going well with that....doing physical therapy now. Been getting ready for the Chisholm Trail Festival in Yukon....this weekend. I will be demonstrating spinning, and will be teaching weaving (on cardboard looms.....easy stuff), and basic quilting...have been making up lots of different sizes of quilt have for sale too. Been making some cute project bags for knitting, spinning, quilting...whatever....
Well...I could not sleep so ended up here...thought I would post something....and I guess I will try to go back to sleep. Hopw to post some pics of the festival....Later all!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Socks and Fingerless Mitts

I have finally finished my pink socks. I had them knitted for over a year...and tonight at our Guthrie Knit Nite Out...Ginny helped me with the Kitchner stitch on the 2nd sock....Jo Ellyn had helped me with the Kitchner stich on the first sock.....I just can't seem to do this by myself...but I will one day...I hope. I used a cotten blend yarn called Rio...I believe...will have to find the label to know for sure...but they are soft.

The first pic is of my fingerless mitts that I designed myself...using my handspun yarn. The cuff is done a ribbing with angora rabbit yarn, the pattern center partis done with the angora rabbit, alpaca(pink) and wool/alpaca(darker color).....then back with the angora bunnie yarn and finshed with wool yarn. I think they will be really warm next winter...what I planning on knitting a winter headband to go with them. They look nicer in real life...I think the fuzzy bunnie yarn makes the picture kinda fuzzy. can see I still do not know how to do the pics right...but I hope to learn sometime!!!! I have some more socks on the needles...a pair for hubby and another pair for me......Later all!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

More about El Reno Visit

Here is a pic of my hubby and Hondo when they got off the trolly. Hondo was very ready to get off....he was ready for a walk on the grass and close to trees...if you know what I mean...LOL

While on the trolly I took this pic of the painted side of a big building in the downtown. It had a pic of the trolly. It is the top pic.

I just love El Reno...we use to live there and help at the museum...set up our "camps" at their 89er event. I have done lots of spinning on my wheel for them. Well, guess that is all for now. I am going to try to see how to put these pics on here.... I have some other "knitting" pics to share and fiber pics too.

My Dogs

This is Seth...he was almost 12 years old when he passed away last February. He was a GREAT German Shephard/Golden Retriever dog. He had a great personality..loved baby puppies and kittens. I miss him alot! He loved to "go in the car", he never tried to get out of the fence, and he was a good protector.

My friend Kathy in Texas knew him and his personallity and how much I love and miss when I was ready for another one I had her help me find another one like him...or at least one with a personality like Seth's.

She found me a good new friend...he does have a "personality". When I first saw him...I thought he does look like a Holstein Cow...but he is very lovable and has a distinct personality....
His name is Hondo and he is in the pic on the right. We went to visit a friend in El Reno on Sunday...and then went to the museum and took a ride on the trolly. That is where this pic was taken....on the trolly...yep... Hondo took a ride on the trolly with us. He was not too sure about it...but soon settled down and enjoyed the ride. If you go to the museum in El Reno....which is a Great Museum to take a ride on the trolly. It is a refurbished 1924 trolly and it was lots of fun. The first pic is inside the trolly. I guess I still cannot figure out how to get these pics where I want them.....anybody who knows how I welcome your help...LOL.... I have looked in the "help" area without any luck. I will post again...I have a few more pics to share.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mystery Skein Swap and HATS!!!

=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5043467843891839170" />
I have been so sick with a bad asthma attack, bronchitis, sinus trouble....of which I have learned I have to have I have not posted in awhile. But....I have figured out how to take pictures with my mini camcorder...and got them printed at Wal Mart I could scan them and put them in my blog. Here is one of the pics of the items I sent to my Mystery Skein partner. I made a "smoke ring", some fingerless mitts, a fingerwoven keychain I wove, a small cross-stitich kit, some notes, and a small skein of my handspun angora rabbit yarn. I recieved my package from my partner..Saturday....a nice wide scarve, hat and a quilted "possibles" bag. I will have to get pics of them and post later. Here is a close up of the coin purses.
Also I have a pic of 2 hats I knitted and one I did in broomstick lace(the pink one)...for my friend Beth...she is collecting hats for her friend that is going to go through chemo. I hope she likes them.
I am working on socks for me and hubby...and will try to get pics of them and post the next time. Later all!! WEll I still need to learn how to arrange these photos...thought I was...but when I previewed it...they were all at the hopefully you can tell which one is which...LOL
Later all!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Skein Winder and Spindles!!

This is a picture of the skein winder my hubby makes. It is made from my antique one.....with a few changes. I am so proud of him!! He made one for my friend....and has two more..I hope to sell at an event. The wheel part lifts out of the holder for you to take your skein off. He also made the table that the skein winder is sitting folds. He made me I can put my stuff on them when we go to a reenactment. It is setting outside of my tent that I use at the reenactments. He was given a bunch of wood working tools, saws...etc for his birthday last year. I hope to get him involved in making spindles and other things. He makes great boxes/chests too.
I have lots of learning spindles...thanks to my friend SUE...she is so sweet!
At our Knit/whatevever nights out...we taught Beth and Sue to spin....I let Sue take home the spindle I showed her how to spin on....(I was a little slow in telling her she could keep it...but I meant it) was one a friend that had passed away made of many..... I was just remembering how many more I had left........
Anyway, she made a bunch out of wooden toy wheels and dowel rod and brought them to me with that spindle too...and gave them all to me. She made herself one and had it decorated really cute......and is going to make a few more.....but it sure was nice of her to make those for me.... now I have learning spindles........ if I can learn to use my new mini cam camera... I will try to post some pics of what I have finished and working on......

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Charity Knitting...and things

Ginny and I took some more of the charity knitty from the guild we use to belong the Women's Center at the hospital and they were really glad to get all the hats, blankets, sweaters, booties, burial buntings....... they really use everything the guild sends them. I will miss doing the charity knitting with some of my friends in the guild. Ginny and I will still be knitting and taking things to them though.

It really saddens me about the whole guild thing....but... phone conversations, emails, and LACK OF emails just affirms that I did the right thing. I had hoped that someday things would change and that I might be able to visit the guild again...but someone made that quite clear that I could not. So... I will just keep on with my life and count it as a lesson learned...

I am working on a hat for Beth's friend. I hope she will like it and it will fit......I am used to doing preemie baby

I am also hoping to get started on another pair of socks. I bought some lime colored
sock yarn at Gourmet Yarn to go with another yarn.....they should be interesting. I hope to figure out how to use my mini cam to take pictures so that I can post them here. I have a few things I would like to share.

Guess that is all for now!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Spinning at Wanda's

I sometimes just can't wait till spinning night! I guess last night was one of those times.....I had all my stuff ready to go early in the day....instead of grabbing things as I hurry out the door.

It was a good night...we had about 12 of us....a nice group...and nice chatter. Beth brought her first yarn to the group...she did really well. Beth had borrowed one of Ginny's spinning wheels...and know...... she has been bitten......... She is researching which wheel she wants...and will be getting it pretty soon.

I finished the knitting part of my fingerless gloves for my Mystery Skein Swap....I just have to do a little sewing and weave in the ends..... I may get to mail it this week!

I also spun some on my drop spindles while I was there. I am really liking to spin on my drop spindles...more than my wheel right now. I really like that I can take it with me everywhere!

That is all for now!!!

Friday, February 2, 2007

Mystery Skein Swap

I am having lots of fun with the Mystery Skein Swap. I almost have my items finished for my swap partner. She sent me some very nice brown, mohair/acrylic blend yarn Baroness. It is really nice to knit and crochet with...but you do not want to have to frog it...almost IMPOSSIBLE.

But I am almost done..... I made a broomstick "ring around" it is from an old is kind of like a cowl. I also knitted two coin purses and embellished them with embroidery from my handspun alpaca and some beads. I am working on some fingerless mits now....I am doing the cuffs in the broomstick and then will knit the hand.....I hope it seemed likeit would in my mind....HA!

I hope to post some pics next time!!