Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mystery Skein Swap and HATS!!!

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I have been so sick with a bad asthma attack, bronchitis, sinus trouble....of which I have learned I have to have I have not posted in awhile. But....I have figured out how to take pictures with my mini camcorder...and got them printed at Wal Mart I could scan them and put them in my blog. Here is one of the pics of the items I sent to my Mystery Skein partner. I made a "smoke ring", some fingerless mitts, a fingerwoven keychain I wove, a small cross-stitich kit, some notes, and a small skein of my handspun angora rabbit yarn. I recieved my package from my partner..Saturday....a nice wide scarve, hat and a quilted "possibles" bag. I will have to get pics of them and post later. Here is a close up of the coin purses.
Also I have a pic of 2 hats I knitted and one I did in broomstick lace(the pink one)...for my friend Beth...she is collecting hats for her friend that is going to go through chemo. I hope she likes them.
I am working on socks for me and hubby...and will try to get pics of them and post the next time. Later all!! WEll I still need to learn how to arrange these photos...thought I was...but when I previewed it...they were all at the hopefully you can tell which one is which...LOL
Later all!