Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Socks and Fingerless Mitts

I have finally finished my pink socks. I had them knitted for over a year...and tonight at our Guthrie Knit Nite Out...Ginny helped me with the Kitchner stitch on the 2nd sock....Jo Ellyn had helped me with the Kitchner stich on the first sock.....I just can't seem to do this by myself...but I will one day...I hope. I used a cotten blend yarn called Rio...I believe...will have to find the label to know for sure...but they are soft.

The first pic is of my fingerless mitts that I designed myself...using my handspun yarn. The cuff is done a ribbing with angora rabbit yarn, the pattern center partis done with the angora rabbit, alpaca(pink) and wool/alpaca(darker color).....then back with the angora bunnie yarn and finshed with wool yarn. I think they will be really warm next winter...what I planning on knitting a winter headband to go with them. They look nicer in real life...I think the fuzzy bunnie yarn makes the picture kinda fuzzy. can see I still do not know how to do the pics right...but I hope to learn sometime!!!! I have some more socks on the needles...a pair for hubby and another pair for me......Later all!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

More about El Reno Visit

Here is a pic of my hubby and Hondo when they got off the trolly. Hondo was very ready to get off....he was ready for a walk on the grass and close to trees...if you know what I mean...LOL

While on the trolly I took this pic of the painted side of a big building in the downtown. It had a pic of the trolly. It is the top pic.

I just love El Reno...we use to live there and help at the museum...set up our "camps" at their 89er event. I have done lots of spinning on my wheel for them. Well, guess that is all for now. I am going to try to see how to put these pics on here.... I have some other "knitting" pics to share and fiber pics too.

My Dogs

This is Seth...he was almost 12 years old when he passed away last February. He was a GREAT German Shephard/Golden Retriever dog. He had a great personality..loved baby puppies and kittens. I miss him alot! He loved to "go in the car", he never tried to get out of the fence, and he was a good protector.

My friend Kathy in Texas knew him and his personallity and how much I love and miss when I was ready for another one I had her help me find another one like him...or at least one with a personality like Seth's.

She found me a good new friend...he does have a "personality". When I first saw him...I thought he does look like a Holstein Cow...but he is very lovable and has a distinct personality....
His name is Hondo and he is in the pic on the right. We went to visit a friend in El Reno on Sunday...and then went to the museum and took a ride on the trolly. That is where this pic was taken....on the trolly...yep... Hondo took a ride on the trolly with us. He was not too sure about it...but soon settled down and enjoyed the ride. If you go to the museum in El Reno....which is a Great Museum to take a ride on the trolly. It is a refurbished 1924 trolly and it was lots of fun. The first pic is inside the trolly. I guess I still cannot figure out how to get these pics where I want them.....anybody who knows how I welcome your help...LOL.... I have looked in the "help" area without any luck. I will post again...I have a few more pics to share.