Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's just a start.....and it is going to be fun!

The top picture is of my first piece of lace...it is a sampler....it isn't perfect...but it is my first piece of bobbin lace.

This next picture is of my bobbin lace pillow, pincushion, cover cloths, bobbin holder and bobbins and the carrying case for all of it. I just love this butterfly material. The tradional way to cover the pillows is with solid blue or green fabric....but my pillow has a hint of butterflies on the bluish material...and I think I will enjoy it better.

I have been busy with some sewing I needed to do...but hope this coming weekend will allow me to get back to working on the bobbin lace. I will be making a bookmark next. It is fun....but a challenge for me. I have also been doing more tatting...and right now I am "stuck" on tatting butterflies on paperclips.

I really like butterfies and have tatted 150 so far.....I was tatting some when I found the butterfly fabric for my bobbin lace pillow and bag and all......

I am still knitting on my shawl, and the February Lady Sweater for my DD, and the socks for DH....hopefully I can have pics of those the next time.