Thursday, February 11, 2010

So ready for SPRING

I know snow is very pretty........ I have pics from my front yard here. This was the last major snow storm.

My dogs loved it......running and playing in it. My grandkids liked it. The cardinals, bluejays and other birds all were very pretty feeding on the birdseed. This is a pic off my front can see one of the bird feeders...but the birds were pics please.

I do not drive in this stuff especially when there is almost an inch of ice underneath it. My husband does not like to drive the 45 miles to his work and back in it....especially since our nice car was totalled in the snow/blizzard on Christmas Eve.....but at least we were not hurt.....a little "gun shy" though.
When husband is home I do not get much done around the house either. I did get some tatted stitch markers done and some tatted earrings....knitted some cute dishcloths....and crocheted some cute hearts for Valentine's Day. That was good.

I want to plant my garden! So even though the snow is very pretty....I am so READY for SPRING!!!!!