Thursday, March 19, 2009

March is a good month for crafting and sewing!

I have been busy this month...and last month! I am making lots of pincushions.....having fun sewing them too. I have some for sale at LYS....

Here is one of the pics of pincushions.....I took to SWAK.

I participated in another wonderful pincushion swap from of my partners loves to I made her a Boat Shuttle pincushion.

This is the pic of the pincushion sitting in front of a real boat shuttle sitting on top of a warped loom.

The top pic is part of what I recieved from my other partner in the swap. I can't get this pic where I want will just tell about it here....LOL
I recieved 2 very nice quilted you can see the heart shaped one has my initial monogrammed on it. This pic does not do them justice......but they are gorgeous.

I have also been doing some knitting.....I have 3 major projects going ......

1. Lady February Sweater for my daughter
2. A pair of socks for DH ( my first pair to knit for him)
3. A really nice rectangle shawl with a collar for me.

I am also learning Bobbin Lace....I finally joined my local Lace Guild. I have my pillow that I covered...and bag to carry it in....some bobbins.....but need some more....I bought some to "spangle"...that is putting beads on the bottom of the bobbin so the bobbins stay in place better.....I'll have to get pics..... I am thinking I may want to get some square bobbins next......

I will try to have some pics of these the next time!

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Guzzisue said...

looking forward to seeing the lace :-)